Sunday, May 4, 2014

Detailing the Mechanicus Hypaspist

Finally found some painting time after a few weeks with too much else to do. Detailing really taking of now, there is even some more, not quite finished yet, and not visible from this angle. I was a little in doubt about the green lens on the shoulder thing, regarding the mix of OSL on the eyes and the classic lens on the shoulder. Luckily I like it, does look quite good with the lens I think.

Oh - and May the fourth be with you.


  1. Turned out really good man. How did you achieve the white cog markings at the bottom of his robe?

    1. Thanks a lot. The cog pattern is simply just painted on, using a light grey color.

  2. That is one awesome looking soldier there! The robed legs work really well with the storm trooper upper. Excellent reds, and the lens do look pretty rad. Very effective glowing effect!

  3. Great work, man! I really dig how that's turning out!