Monday, May 19, 2014

Memory lane part 1

Quite unexpected, during the kid's football game in the weekend, I ran into one of my old gaming buddies from way back in university when we played (mostly) Mordheim - our boys playing against each other now. He had our old stuff stored, most of which was mine from even further back, and I had a couple of times thought about storing it at my place now - back then he was the only one living in an actual house. Anyway, he and the missus was about to move house and he had just come across our old boxes. We decided that I should come by and pick up the stuff - quite a lot actually, several boxes of terrain and four boxes of models. A good mix of metal and plastic minis, some dating way back to the good old D&D days, HeroQuest and a lot of Mordheim - and absolutely no mechanicus. Hope you'll enjoy

The lot

All those minis

A batch of hardcore D&D mages - I played the grey one for years!

When a fighter was a fighter

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