Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Drop pod finished

Finished my prototype, and I like how it turned out. Still think I'll try shortening it a couple of mm next time. I'll also be more careful with the glue, messiness really shows at this scale.

Monday, September 23, 2013


Got my first stuff from a very popular 3D printing service yesterday. Was pretty excited as I had never ordered anything from there before and only a few people had any experience with the shop.

I had ordered a few guntowers from and I was not disappointed when they showed up.

Sunday, September 22, 2013


Thanks to a very friendly person I have been able to put my hand on a coupe of landraiders. I have always loved the landraider model, but never painted any - did start one once but it never really got anywhere. Therefor I was quite happy when I git the chance to include some of these excellent models in my Epic force.
Tried to add as much weathering as possible on such a small scale model, looks rather good I think.

Also added some red markings to my rhinos, to tie them in with the rest.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Ready for deployment

Added a few little detail to the pod, and this is where I'll leave it. Except for the size concerns, I'm pretty happy with the result, and will be looking forward to getting it painted.

Friday, September 20, 2013


A bit concerned about the size of droppod - a bit on the large side I'm afraid. It not too bad, and I guess making it smaller will make it somewhat less detailed - not sure I want to go down that road. What do you think?

Also been painting up a lot more of little guys.

Thursday, September 19, 2013


Look -  new rumours regarding Epic, interesting.

Via Feit 212: LINK

GW will bring back Specialist Games gradually with beginning in the 3th Quarter 2014.

-First Game will be Epic in July or August 2014
-There will be no individual model Boxes or Blister, only Game Sets and possibly "Expansions"
-Sets remain permanent in assortment
-Epic Game Set might feature Space Marines vs. Orks, there will be Sets for Imperial Guard, Eldar and Chaos

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Detailing the drop pod

Have been working all night to get the fins to work, but it's simply not easy enough to reproduce the shape to the desired similarity. I have instead added the other planned detail, and I think it works pretty well. Now I just need to fill in the blanks with GS, and perhaps add a little contour or a symbol to the doors.

Mk.II Drop pod

As I had the basic shape in place, I started thinking about how to get some cool looking detail onto the model. Though I can't make it look like he GW model, I'll try to take it that direction, as I really like that design. The first step was changing the shape a bit and add some wider bits - stabilizers I think they are?
I have also been trying to add a fin - tested on the old piece - will have to be level with the edge though, and I'm not sure how much it really adds to the model.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Heavy Droppings

As promised I've been trying out different ways to finish the droppod - wood, miliput in different shapes and last but not least plasticcard. Couldn't really get it right for some time, and I guess I should have stayed with the stuff I know best. IMO the plastic card one is by far the best, and honestly also the easiest and fastest to do. So I guess I have the basics now - well time for refinement, detail work will be following shortly.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Friday, September 13, 2013

The Warhounds arrive

I won these two beauties on the bay just the other day, and they arrived in the mail today. My first warhounds - aren't they beautiful? I even like the paintjob, so for now they get to stay as they are - just with a rebasing. Release the Hounds.........

Speed painting for real

Really love this Epic stuff - such a great feeling being able to paint up 20 minis in about an hour. Really hope we get this revival of Epic we heard talk of when the GW stopped supporting it - if I remember correctly the rumours said Fantasy Flight Games.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Ready for battle

Bar a bit of basing I finished a couple more stands and two rhinos yesterday - which gives me my first ever battle ready unit for Epic, yay.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


While I was trying to get the hatches on the drop pod right, I really went through a lot of balsa. Turned out it wasn't quite as easy to get it right as I had hoped. The main problem was actually to come up with a shape I would be able to reproduce several times, and hence I went through almost as many designs as little pieces of wood.
I ended up with this, a piece slightly shorter than the main structure, and with a short slope at the top. I would have liked to get the usual shape, with a sharp bend following the contours of the structure, but I would never be able to do several that would look suitingly alike. I pretty confident, that once I add a bit of detail to the structure it will look just about right.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

But of cause

Yes, of cause - couldn't help my self, no need for just painting up stuff, gotta build some as well. As drop pods seem to be hard to find a good proxy for - and the ones being left on GW is fairly expensive, I decided to try make some.

Cutting out a couple of shapes in 1 mm plastic card, and using the old kindergarten x-mas tree sliding trick, the basic shape was pretty easy to come by. Works rather well I think. The dimensions are 18 mm across in the bottom, and 30 mm high. For the body/doors mi compadre, just suggested parting a rod in four, which would give me four 90 degree angles to work with. So hopefully I can get past the hobby shop today.

Monday, September 9, 2013

The tiniest of distractions........

The progress of the Herakli has been rather slow - that would be me kind of lacking the excitement to paint atm. I therefore decided I needed something new to work on, something new to play in fact. I always wanted to try playing something 6 or 15mm, always wanted to field hordes of models, full armies with loads of tanks, walkers and infantry to spend like rubble and planes zooming over the battlefield to cause havoc in the ranks of the enemy. Hence I spend some time searching the web, reading through several interesting set of rules and looking at miniatures from a wealth of manufactures. And now hopefully a couple of guys from work and myself will be starting some Epic Armageddon soon. Seems those are pretty popular rules, we have a well known universe, and 6 mm minis are just that cheaper than 15 mm ones.
Then what army to choose - well AdMech obviously! But also nids and necrons would be really cool - oh and IG.........damn, same as always. I think I've settled for nids for a starter, at least I ordered a few of them just to try to paint them up, see if it works. But I also happened to have some old SM laying around, quite a few actually, so what else to do - gotta paint them up should be rather fast and give a good starting point, so one can get a few games under the belt. They will of cause, be painted up in my Iron Ghosts colors. Tried out some weathering on the rhino - not sure it's worth it though.

But first of all the progress on the herakli, not to much left to do actually.

And my few Epic models.