Monday, May 26, 2014

More red

Been working on the red over the weekend, doesn't really show up much on pics though. Left one has just the two base layers, the right one has a bit of shading done as well. Bought some really dark Vallejo red, so I'll try to alter my recipe a bit this time.


  1. I always find that to be troubling as well. You can work on a model for an hour, and it looks like you didn't really do much at all...but a lot of the work lends itself to the final piece, not so much the WIP's. (especially if you work with glazes/washes as part of your process).

    Still looking wicked cool. Are the little square slots for the weapons?

  2. True - that's the beauty of painting. Actually I find that a model only comes into life once the eyes gets painted, no matter how finished is might be. Funny how your brain reads a miniature as it does a person.