Killing ground is a little baby of mine. I always loved the old Mordheim game and played it for years. I really liked the whole skirmish idea and the 3D aspect of the gameplay it self. On top of that came the fighter development with the advancement system, with experience and skills, something that really added to keeping the interest and the thrill of the game.

With the rules for Killing Ground I've tried to carry over the rules to the worlds of 40K, with the possibilities to use your existing codices and already painted miniatures. The rules are still in the making and any suggestions, comments and experiences from playtesting will be most welcome.
As of now the rules are made for one-off games, but as soon as it seems the rules are working, rules for campaigns will be added as well.




  1. I've read through your rules, they look fun (and fast) and a great way to enjoy individual models. They always seem to get lost in a sea of casualties in 40k games.
    I do have a question. Bikes and jetbikes (as nearly as I can tell) aren't addressed in the rules; are they treated as vehicles? (move 6", only one per army). I'm kind of keen on the possibility of an Ork warbike squad led by a warbuggy.

  2. Cheers. Thanks for taking the time to read the stuff. The general idea would be loads of infantry, and therefore I was afraid tha vehicles simply would be too hard to kill off. Actually I only included them to see if it would work anyway, with the thought of removing them all together, if they did seem to powerful. I think a mob of bikers would be extremely tough to take on for a warband not tooled up for that especially, that could of cause work if you had one off games and you opponent knew what was coming. My idea behind this was a bit more narrative though, with warriors ganing xp and such, where you should be able to take on different opponents.
    But then again why not give it a go, have a few games and lets see how it works out - as always houserules can solve anything.