Friday, October 24, 2014

Cool new Robots in Anvil Industry's Kickstarter

The last few days of Anvil Industy's kickstarter AFTERLIFE - The Shards of Liberty has begun counting down. Loads of interesting miniatures really. My absolute favourites has to be the War Drones and the Mauler drill - what lovely little machines, I'm pretty sure they will show up in my army at some point. Cool stuff - so why don't you take a look and help make it happen.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Praetorian vs. Sagittarii scale

As per request a scale comparison photo with the praetorians and sagittarii. Sagittarii is just a tad smaller it seems.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Drone control

After the assembly the drone was sitting on my desk, for a day or two and I thought, need to add something to make it more mechanicus - at the same time two fellow hobbyists made the same suggestion, so I guess it needed to be done. I wanted to make up something a bit dark tech, but couldn't come up with anyhing really good, so I only added a mechanicus symbol and a controller thingie. Looks better I think but still needs something......hopefully the ideas will come later on. Need to make another one too, and make it as my mate suggested "the big brother of those little wheely ones" - guess that would make up for something really dark tech wouldn't it?

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Anti Air Firepower

As I could simple not stand seeing the Bucs getting creamed completely by Ravens I moved over to the hobby table and decided to listen to the game instead. I picked up a cool drone I got from Ramschackle, and a couple of guns from Puppetswar - needing some AA firepower as I might go up against a mate next week - Chaos Marines, favorite is that flying ugliness.

Simply love that drone - just what I have been looking for. This little beauty is called an Eviscerater Engine. In the game it will be serviced by a pair of priests.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Mechanicus Protector components

Some one wanted at components breakdown - so here goes.

Head:  GW Dark angel terminater
Torso: FW thallax
Legs: Micro art miniatures
Right arm: Anvil Industry
Right hand: Zinge industries
Axe: Kromlech + 2mm plastic rod
Left arm and claw: GW Cronos pain engine
Right shoulder: GW terminater optics
Left shoulder: puppetswars gun
Mechadendrites: Zinge Industries, cables and bits from small servoarm
Abdominal bits: Blightwheel flamer, Zinge cableplugs and GS cables
Servoarm: Kromlech

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Mechanicus Protector

All right - the big 100000 views celebration - pretty cool and thanks for watching guys and gals.

As promised here is my anniversary miniature - a Mechanicus Protecter, Bad to the bone - if any left in there. Think it turned out pretty well, looks mean and ready to take on anything, a good mix of cybernetics and a few enhanced human parts. I've had the idea for this for quite some time, and really had a blast building it. I also think it could easily double as a Myrmidon Destructer in the FW armylist.

Mechanicus sneak peek

Rapidly approaching 100000 views on the blog - another cool milestone I think. As a small celebration of the blog, I have for the occasion, been working hard to get a cool mini done. So here is a small sneak peek of it, I recon you can swing by later to see the full mini, once I reach the 100000 mark.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Last two servitors

All right the last two of the batch is done. So what's next - I guess I should paint these, but I kind of feel the need to build some more...Got an idea.

And the family reunion pic.

Friday, October 3, 2014

100 servitors

...or at least 100 followers, that's quite a milestone I think, so thanks to all you guys out there following the blog.
Today I have a few more servitors ready - only a few more to go till I reach the ten I was aiming for.