Saturday, April 19, 2014

Mechanicus Hypaspist PIP 3

Got the red finished last night and, perhaps a bit premature, started on the detailing - just couldn't wait to see what some of the detail would add to the mini, not unhappy with the result. I'm planning a bit of decor on some of those large red surfaces as well, and then we need some contrasting lenses, a bit of color on the cables and the base of cause.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Mechanicus Hypaspist PIP 2

I kind of changed my idea of where to use red and black on this, since my other attempts at making hypaspist. Now the red is added - only a base and it does of cause need a lot of work, but it gives an idea of the finished look.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Mechanicus Hypaspist PIP

I have actually managed to get some painting done over the last couple of days, it aint much yet, but the metals and gun is done - bar a little weathering which will be applied at the end. However I'm not yet the best of friends with my new phone camera, either getting the pics to bright or too something else - guess that will be better as we go.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Mechanicus Hypaspist

Those of you who have followed this blog, know how many different designs I have been through, trying to figure out how to build my hypaspists. The Hypaspist being the basic footslogger of the Mechanicus skitarii, I have been wanting something not too over the top, but also something more scary than a regular IG guards man. As soon as I saw the new scions, I was pretty sure I had the solution. I think I have mentioned it before but those models are in my opinion some of the best GW has produces for a very long time - and those, just wow.
Of cause they could not be used without a little modification. A simple legswap did most of the trick, changing them into something quite different. A bit of groin armor, to tie them in with the rest of the army - and I cut off the camping kit on the backpack and added a tank from some other backpacks I got on Shapeways - just love tanks on backpacks, dunno why and don't ask.

Monday, April 7, 2014

My own Indiegogo Campaign

Just "onlined" my very own crowdfunder via Indiegogo. That was actually quite a good experience, unproblematic and very easy to figure out. It is completely gaming unrelated, but now I know how to do, should I find something related to the Mechanicus later on.

We are trying to raise some funds for our local Volleyball club. Since a decline in members in our small volley club have led to us closing this summer - unless get some new players and raise money to pay the rent for the sports hall. Once we get some new members and get to keep playing the second goal in to raise money enough to keep our coach.
The team is a social team, playing for the exercise and the love of the game, though we usually participate in several smaller tournaments a year.

So feel free to share the link - I actually think it will be quite funny to see if someone out there not actually wanting to play in our club, would consider contributing. So viral is the word.