I guess we all know the countless distractions out there when we try to finish the modelling and painting we have already started. A new codex or army are released or some shiny new models see the light of day. Most of these I've been able to resist - and I even like to tell my self I get better at this as I get older........

Then I happened to stumble upon InquisiMunda - and sometimes you just don't mind being distracted. A game that in some respects are pretty close to my own Battleground, but as a fanbased extension to Necromunda, already contains the RPG element I always loved about Mordheim. Even more I've been taken ablaze with the conversion possibilities. Especially all the Imperial religious nutters offers some excellent options and dark fluff. In the world of grotesque John Blanche is king, and making models inspired by his art work is just to good an opportunity to pass on.

The rules for the games can be found here: InquisiMunda

The Promethium Dealer

Big Nasty


Bäel the Beheader

Sweet Death

Rodrigo Menéndez de Márques

Jäeger the Debt Collector

The Mechanical Dog

Half & Half

Imperial henchman - The Goose

My latest finished mini for inquisimunda - The Imperial Bastard, gunfighter and hired gun.

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  1. WOW

    I love these grim fellows. Quite some great ideas here.