Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Memory lane part 3

The final instalment, at least for now, with some funny old minis, again with quite some diversity.

First off is a few more D&D miniatures.

A batch of good guys....

..and a batch of really bad guys.

Then it seem the painting skills picked up some - I began to pay more attention to the painting, read a few books, and learned from friends. I also remember I did a undead army for WFB at this time, so I guess that helped too. The gobling in the center was the first really "well" painted mini I did. The Felix model was for many years the best model I painted - by my own account, that is.

Last group, and time has again moved forward - now playing Mordheim, which was populated by this gobling warband.


  1. These guys are great! What a really good find!

  2. Cheers - always funny seeing some of the old stuff again