Monday, August 10, 2015

First codex draft

Was working a bit on the updated codex last week, and I kind of like the way it looks. I have decided to cut out all the long descriptions of units and instead just leave a few lines to describe the more unknown troop choices. This will cut down size considerably which should make it more reader friendly when you need to find a specific unit or rule.
Biggest problem is to find out which weapons should be swapped for which of the new ones, as they are of cause not completely comparable. Most of the time something similar can be found though, sometimes the most similar is a little better, and sometimes a little worse - so I figure it all adds up in the end. And again this is just meant for my own friendly games. I also might in some cases have oversimplified things, but the amount of rules was just so big, that I couldn't keep track of it all, so I figured better to lose an ability or two than forgetting five in the heat of a battle.

You can download it all here if interested: Codex:Adeptus Mechanicus v 1.01

Friday, July 31, 2015

To keep the Tier system?

First question that really arises is whether to keep the Tier system of the TF codex or change that to the basic GW system, with a force org. chart and designate all units a battlefield role instead.

the Tier system operates as follows:

Firstly, you must decide from which of the Divisios your Archmagos Prime originally ascended from. Known as your Prime Tier, units in this Divisio provide your army with its Elite choices on all of your Force Organisation charts.Furthermore any compulsory Troops choices in your army may be taken from this Divisio.
With the Prime Tier decided, you must establish from which of the Divisios your Archmagos Prime is most closely allied to. Known as your Secondary Tier, units in this Divisio provide your army with its Fast Attack choices on all of your Force Organisation charts. Finally a single non-compulsory Troops choice on each of your Force Organisation charts may be taken from this Divisio.
With two of your three Tiers decided, it is finally your Vassal Tier which draws on the last of the Divisios that the Archmagos can call upon. Units of the chosen Divisio provide your army with its Heavy Support choices for all of your Force Organisation charts.
On top of these units there is a selection of general troop choices and special units.

Pros and cons.
As I was not planning on keeping all units from the TF codex in the revised version, it would make things easier in certain regards if the units instead had a battlefield role like other codices, on the other hand I could just keep all the units and work my way around it (the initial plan was only to keep the units I'm keen on using anyway). However I do feel the tier system brings a different flavour to the army, but again it makes it very different to other armies/army selection which is a slightly complicating factor.
Atm I'm leaning on ditching the tier system

Any thoughts?

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Mechanicus rules update

When GW released the two AdMech codices I was of cause thrilled, and I think they have outdone themselves with regards to miniatures. Übercool and with a degree of details that amazes me each time I have a close look. Of cause one can always find a mini or two which is not how you, yourself envisioned it, but overall they are beautiful either on their own or as a cool base for conversions - or both of cause.
The one thing I find the codices miss however is the massive diversity of units described in the books and other fiction about the AdMech, a diversity much better captured by the old TF codex (which can be found in my download section if you should be interested). I'll admit I play very rarely, but when I play it's always friendly games, and I have no problems using fandexes or a mix of GW/FW/TF dexes - so that great. It also let me to the idea of collecting all the AdMech units from GW/FW/TF in one codex - however once I started writing down the units, the number of units became so large that collecting them all would be an almost impossible task. Taking that into account and the possibility of just making up an army of detachments from the different codices and HH books, the primal ideas seem a little over the top - even though I like a good summer project. Instead I have decided to try and update the TF codex, exchanging some of the old units, weapons and wargear with official ones where it's appropriate, and in some cases just deleting options if that makes more sense. It will of cause not be the TF codex any more, but kind of my own rip-off to use in friendly games - to be able to use a greater variety of models.
Some pieces of weapons or wargear is not easy to replace though, so I hope you guys will be able to help me out once in a while, here. So in the not to distant future rules suggestions and idead will pop up right here, please swoop by once in a while.
As always, any thought, ideas, suggestions and speculations are most welcome.


Monday, July 27, 2015

Plastik Krak

My good buddy Trev at Plastik Krak (maker of the Neutrino Irradiator) is working hard on get his next model ready for distribution and getting his new website up and running. He has kindly send a few pics of his new Tank Girl Tank to share with you guys - looks pretty cool right? Also keep an eye on the website HERE

Friday, May 1, 2015

All those "real" mechanicus minis!

When I started this blog a couple of years back, it was with the aim of sharing all the customised AdMech minis I had so many ideas for. Now GW is ruining all that be releasing tons of model - and really impressive ones even. So what to do? Should I just go with the legal minis now and is this the end of the converting/blog, since everyone can have AdMech now! Well for a few seconds I thought that, but the released models cannot but stir up a fuss in an old Mechanicus lover, and now the next wave is hitting us I just keep getting impressed. Though I do not game much I still like to build around a codex, just for the occational game - so I also worried a little that none of my already made models would be of any use. However when looking at the poster above, I see quite a few uses for my old models - though I miss a few, and think that GW will add even more units. Especially sagittarii, praetorians, servitors and weapon platforms are missing in my book.
So what do I think of these new models? Well generally I'm very impressed, there is a few things that need changing though. Luckily one would say, because if I had nothing to convert and improve I think interest would be lost momentarily.

Vanguard: almost insanely impressive kit, with detailing that just takes the breath away. I like these as basic infantry, not a fan of robes though, as in my book red robes are for the priesthood. Already have few ideas how this can be improved. Guns need a bit of spiffing-up as well.

Rangers: Again I don't see robes a classical cannonfodder guy equipment, but given they are rangers it makes some sense, and I'll keep them, never painting them red though. The guns are awesome.

Elektro priests: Never really warmed up the idea of elektro-priests, but I have to admit I really like he look of these models, great potential. 

Tracked guys: Until I see the in the flesh they will simply be designated: awesome!

Big robot: These seem to have taken quite a bit of heat in the first couple of days, generally being really unliked. Sure there is few things that need cutting and gluing, but they carry great potential as well. I agree the model looks lees impressive that most of the others, but I think that's because of the paintjob, which IMO doesn't really look finished. A colorscheme with just red all over? Come on Eavy metal, when was the last time you did that? Luckily I think they can be grim-darked quite easily.

Ruststalkers: Those I really like, menacing evil looking buggers. Much like the nazi in Hellboy, spidery and nightmarish - super cool. Tons of bits straight for the bitsbox too. 

Sicarian Infiltrators: Not as huge fan of the kit when used for these. I kind of suspect that's it due to the way the are assembled in the pics though. Looks extremely unstable and ramshackle. I don't like. Doesn't fit an infiltrator. If those poses cannot be optimised, I'll be looking for leg replacements for these guys.

Dunewalker: Like the mini, lots of possibilities, but again I think the paintjob let's it down. That bonecolor will never be a friend of mine.

Strider: This is a weird piece too. Great and strange though, cannot really clarify why I like it - but I'm really looking forward to seeing some dark muted colors on this too.

Thursday, April 30, 2015 pick

Another Draft Day is upon us - and that on a day where some cool Admech pics reached us too. Good luck to the bucs tonight, may the Omnissiah guide your hand.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

While waiting for paint to dry......

Inspired by the overload of AdMech minis hitting us at the moment I figured it was time to start painting some of the models I have before I feel the urge to buy even more - you know I don't have I Knight yet, completely insane. But also rumours of robots and tracked models (praetorians?) two of my favourites have emerged, so best get some of the old stuff out of the way. I really wanted to finish my hunter robots, but if we are getting new models soon, I figured it would be wise to wait and see which weapons they'll be able to field, so I can make some last minute adjustments to the models them selves. Instead I have picked up the Neutrino Irradiator I have had for a very long time. A cool product from PlastikKrak - who BTW will have a new website up and running soon.
Progress isn't massive yet, but at least I got started. When I paint metal I go for the several washes method, so while waiting for the washes to dry I needed something else to do, and beside the paint-rack was and old inquisimunda mini, so I decided to give it a lick of paint in the mean time. I have been trying to give this dirty, sloppy look that seems to be popular and looks really good - I think that will take a few tries though.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Good news for my models

Couple of interesting days on the rumour front again, news and possible detail of elektro priests hitting the open yesterday, and today BoLS have these rumours to add.

“The Second combo kit for the new Mechanicus will feature tracked conveyor infantry models who resemble cybernetic terminators cut at the waist and attached to set of small triangle treads.
One unit type will be heavily armored, and decked out for close quarters engagements.
The second is less armored, and features two types of cannon; a plasma cannon varainat, and a larger calibre weapon.

They are on 50mm bases.”

Though really cool with new models this also fills me with some kind of comfort, as this add to the pool of usable entries for my models. Honestly I think I'd use them anyway, but it's just better to have similar units in the codex I think.
So I might still be able to use these for game play.


Friday, April 17, 2015

I don't care it's not AdMech

Thought not AdMech this image has been found cool and cleared for publishing in this blog.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

How to make skitarii the alternative way

Sometimes miniatures comes to you in the strangest way, like yesterday. Anyone know what the thing on the pic it? Right - it's a katousche, the bit inside your taps, that controls flow and mix of hot/cold water. Also the part that's worn out when it start dripping. But what do all this have to do with AdMech you might ask! Well we had a few dripping tabs and it would take us 200 -300 £ to have them changed, I decided that was too much, and bought those spares instead. Even though I do not have much in the way of handyman skills, I managed to make the repairs without floddings or ruined sinks. Then came the magic point: the missus said "now you have some spare cash for little plastic men!" I was baffled, couldn't say a word - but I'm going to take her up on that!!!

Monday, March 30, 2015

What a mess

Fired up by the eminent AdMech release I vented to the missus I needed some of those new models. The "look"and a comment about me not using or building all the stuff I already hed, made me have a look in my hobby room. The biggest problem was, she was right - at least it looked like she was. Tons of plastic everywhere, still on sprues, you know all the not used bits from tons of conversions - so full of mechanicus energy I decided to clean up the room, getting all the plastic sorted out. Mistake! It takes forever - getting all those bits off the sprues and into little boxes. Anyway once I'm done it will get easier to sort though the bits, but just feels like I'll be ready for building minis again once Codex Adeptus Mechanicus 2.ed arrives.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

GW reveals the next Mechanicus release?

Take a close look at those two clip below. A real close look - not only do the show of some really cool models without blur or the ever present minecraft effect. But if you look closely in the intro you'll see concept sketches for the rangers and vanguard - below those are other concept sketches of, what seems to be a magus or tech-pries and some sort of lovely evil looking bioconstruct? Next week?

edit: By the Omnissiah for once I thought I was fast and it turn out I was "out fasted" by a guy on BC

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Skitarii model details and minecraft-mechanicus

Once again pics of the new mechanicus has hit the web - once again I'm awed by the detail in these minis. But why people getting their hands on WD early cannot stop shaking or set their camera at a higher resolution is beyond me - hey I have an idea; send me the very first copy of the next WD with mechanicus in it, and I promise you'll get pics without blur and where you can actually zoom in with out seeing minecraft-mechanicus - deal?

First off is a couple of detail shots of the new models - honestly I cant find a thing I do not like (I'm not a huge fan of the way the servitor is hooked up to the dragoon though - that will be worked over). But look at all those tiny detail work on the guns in general - and the jezzail in particular - now I like it (muzzle will get the knife though). Get wait to get converting these.
What gets me equally exited is the decal sheet - just amazing, been wanting something like that for years.
At the bottom is a couple of fine on the battle field pics - funny how they just blend right in with that Knight isn't it - now I have to get one anyway!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The new Mechanicus minis

Pics are all over web of the new minis for the AdMech - and what do I think, hmm let's see (if you don't care what I think just look at the pretty pictures!).

Haven't really bought any codex for years, this has gotten me really exiting and I cannot wait to get in line for the advance order. Still I'm hoping for so much more than what we have seen so far - I want robots and huge gunservitors - fused flesh and metal and crude implants. Also hoping to get to use all those mins I have made for years, with an official codex - might actually get to play a game or two!!!
It will also be interesting to see how many out there will jump on the bandwagon - I have a feeling it will be a lot, do the mechanicus justice guys! Regarding bandwagon - I think mr. Dave Taylor should be driving, I call shotgun!!!!
Anyways let's have a look at all the cool minis.
First off are all the cool infantry. If you have followed my blog, you'll know I've had more than one go at coming up with a good hypaspist model, finally something has arrived that I can say I'd use for sure. I'm not sure I'd have opted for a robed minis actually, for my next try. I was planning something more tech and armoured. But since these are here looking so pretty they'll get my vote - for now.

I think the Vanguard are my favourite, Loads of cool bits on these guys, giving them an outerworldish almost evil look, fitting the grimdark vision I feel is right for the AdMech. I even for once like the paintjob on these - only problem on that part is, it's so close to what I'd do, I'll hate if mine will end up looking like a copyjob of a GW scheeme. Well we'll just have to see about that once they turn up. I have a sneaky feeling I'll combine the two unit types' models.

The Rangers look awesome too - I'm not quite sure I'm sold on the guns, but even as we speak I'm warming up to them. Not a fan of the long one on the pike though - not yet at least. The heads look absolutely amazing, sh*t cannot wait to get a box of these! I'm not really sure about the scout/stalking thing though - I kind of see AdMech as a full frontal army, brute force, advancing and sacrificing thousands of footsluggers in the process.

Yawser - is this a twisted model or what? It's completely NOT what I have been expecting from the AdMech, At first I thought what the h**l, but...but....but it's just so cool, and having a thing for walkers, I can only say I'm doomed - just look at all those detail, it even has claws looking like the bits I loved pillaging from DE kits. I'll be loving to add bits to this and paint it up with some metals, dirty reds and loads of battle damage.

The CC version is almost even more twisted = good. I'm sure that supersized cattleprod will hurt like ....... Add a couple of servoarms and mecadendrites to this and you'll have an even more perfect model. 
I can almost see all these minis on the table next to the rest of my minis - this is gonna be good. Good work GW, now let's see the other walker we had peeks of yesterday - and get on leaking rules for my gunservitors and praetorians!!!!! 

Together with the pics you are even able to find rules leaks out there now.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Is this how the new Skitarii will look?

Someone on warseer took the time to put stills from the teaser video together, awesome job - wouldn't mind this design!!!!

AdMech teaser clip and pics

This is great!!


The walker looks really interesting, difficult to tell anything about the trooper - looks promising though.

Binary information highway

It does actually seem like an official GW AdMech release is eminent and the rumours start to flow and it seems the flow will only pick up pace from now on. Is it really true, that all of us that have been converting our own stuff now for years, is finally awarded with a codex? Sure hope it has a huge variety of units, so I can use all the stuff I've made up.....and all the units I already have bought bits and kits for, hope at least some of them are in there, have a feeling the chop shop will be busy adjusting blueprints and recalibrating servitors in the weeks to come.

Take a look at this rumour, seems like we'll have some cool new weaponry to play with.

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
Here is a look at your Onager Dunecrawler.
Comes with an Eradication Beamer, Broad Spectrum Data-Tether, Enamatus Force Field, and searchlight. One special rule called Doctrina Imperatives.

Its a crawler, and therefore is never slowed by difficult terrain and auto passes dangerous terrain tests. It can't run.

Gun options-
Replace the Eradication Beamer with
-Twin linked heavy phosphor blaster
-Neutron Laser and Cognis Heavy Stubber
-Icarus Array

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Finished Mechanicus Protector

Had a few hours of daytime to burn so I got the last bits glued on, only thing that remains is void filling(greystuffing).....

Not too shabby eh? Was a little worried the servoarm was too big, but I really like how it makes the model massive.

.....and a bro shot

Monday, March 9, 2015

Gearing up

The Protector was issued a few bits and pieces of kit tonight. Should be enough to get him through a good street brawl or two I guess.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Mechanicus Protector

Finally a post where I have actually done something to plastic bits. Been feeling the mojo creeping back the last couple of days and I finally found a little time to sit down and get the second of the protectors started. It isn't much to show yet, but I think it getting where I want it.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Transmission N-PN9/2


+system up
+connecting commstation Magellan-8
+connection fail
+ connection terminated
+connecting commstation Siberia-2
........receiving transmission
........inloading datastream
++++defensive parameters up++++
....inloading cryptocraphical measures
++++securing dataspurt++++
++++decrypting eminent++++
++++noosphere analysis++++
++++transmission filed++++
++++catalogue N-PN9/2++++

+++++++++Admech unit rundown++++++++

transmission end..........
connection terminated+
system dormant+


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Transmission N-PN6


+system up
+connecting commstation Magellan-8
........receiving transmission
........inloading data stream 
++++defensive parameters up++++
....inloading cryptocraphical measures
++++securing dataspurt++++
++++decrypting eminent++++
++++noosphere analysis++++
++++transmission filed++++
++++catalogue N-PN6++++ 

+++++++++++ Admech Codex & models (full release)+++++++++++

transmission end..........
connection terminated+
system dormant+


one can only hope.............

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Mechanicus Battlescribe update

Been such a long time since an update,  but I think you'll agree this treat makes the wait worth while.  Grimnar,  a dedicated AdMech fan from Australia, has taken the time to update the old Battlescribe file to 7.ed. A huge undertaking , believe me, really appreciate it.
Though FW's AdMech is gaining momentum, the old TF codex still holds so many cool units, and it would be a shame to abandon it.
So please download and give some feedback, either here or by mail, and I'll pass it on.