Thursday, February 27, 2014

High Hopes

Are we getting an official codex: Adeptus Mechanicus? Well one can only hope, and I guess signs in weather, tea-leafs and intestines of little animals has never looked more like it. Loads of AdMech minis from FW during the last year (for 30K I know), the new GW Knight, new leaked pics and teasers from FW, info that the new Knight codex does not hold AdMech units Faeit 212 and a binary message at the back of White Dwarf saying "Omnissiah be Praise".
Honestly I see why people are getting worked up, one must admit it does look like a lot of hints in the direction of AdMech. One can only hope, it would be cool finally to get it. Miniatures of the line could truly be awesome, though I must admit that I have not been blown away by the FW ones so far. Do I believe it will happen? Not sure really, though I have enough doubt/faith to put the building of my skitarii on hold until I see if GW will release some usable models.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Anvil Industry's Gun Tractor

Having recently taken part in Anvil Industry's kickstarter for Afterlife, I received my miniatures the other day. The one bit I was looking forward to with most anticipation was the gun tractor. And as always when it's stuff from AI I was not disappointed. Very cool looking, ripe with detail, free of bubbles and mistakes, very little flash and moldlines - great job as always Joel. It comes with several very usable weapons, which you can turn 360, no need for glue to stick the weapons there, which mean you can switch them around as much as you like.

I also thought I'd put it next to another new tracked unit, previously reviewed here - this one is much smaller though. And luckily so, as the big one is an artillery piece and this one is more your average trooper carrying a big gun. Of cause I have no intention of using it as described, and I just received another batch of bits from AI to make it just perfect, hopefully I'll get some time during the next few days to play around.

Size of the beast

Yay - just saw on the GW website that they changed the size of their Knight to 6" instead of 8". Pew - had me worried there for a second, would be quite difficult to add that much extra size to the Leviathan. 1½" on the other hand is just a fun challenge, that I'll be looking forward to. A bit of extra spine and a litte extra armour plating should easily give me an extra 1", which should fine together with the GW one. Hurray!!!

Thursday, February 20, 2014


Though being working on the DreamForge Leviathan to use as knights, I'm really impressed with these and just need to have at least one once they show up. I can even work them both easily into my army - and what is all that talk about a codex as well. I've been out of town for a few days, and the world's gone nuts.