Monday, May 5, 2014

Pastime of the Mechanicus?

I have to admit it, I'm a big fan of  Mr. John Blanche - so I try to incorporate some of the feel of his art in my own miniatures. That said, I'm also well aware that I'm nowhere near achieving the gritty, inhuman visions of his. One of the things I really like to add to my mechanicus are checkers, really adds character I think. Yesterday, when painting, I couldn't help thinking if it was just a clever way of the troops to carry a gaming board around the galaxy, for all those long nights? I guess not - but does anyone know the symbolism in checkers - if any at all?


  1. I bloody love this, and the checkers work a treat - I'm a big fan of John Blanche's art too (I used to really hate it). Hmm, I suppose you could say it's a representation of binary, or a visual representation of data like a barcode... that's how I'd explain it away anyhow.

    As for pastimes of the Mechanicus, I always imagined they would make/listen to music like that of Delia Derbyshire :P

  2. The ork explanation of checkerboards (from dakka)

    Gorka likes to put black squares on white boards.

    Morka likes to put white squares on black boards.

    The orks have been fighting over whose right ever sense.

  3. Thanks guys, both interesting explanations - I'll stick with the tech one I think