Thursday, April 30, 2015 pick

Another Draft Day is upon us - and that on a day where some cool Admech pics reached us too. Good luck to the bucs tonight, may the Omnissiah guide your hand.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

While waiting for paint to dry......

Inspired by the overload of AdMech minis hitting us at the moment I figured it was time to start painting some of the models I have before I feel the urge to buy even more - you know I don't have I Knight yet, completely insane. But also rumours of robots and tracked models (praetorians?) two of my favourites have emerged, so best get some of the old stuff out of the way. I really wanted to finish my hunter robots, but if we are getting new models soon, I figured it would be wise to wait and see which weapons they'll be able to field, so I can make some last minute adjustments to the models them selves. Instead I have picked up the Neutrino Irradiator I have had for a very long time. A cool product from PlastikKrak - who BTW will have a new website up and running soon.
Progress isn't massive yet, but at least I got started. When I paint metal I go for the several washes method, so while waiting for the washes to dry I needed something else to do, and beside the paint-rack was and old inquisimunda mini, so I decided to give it a lick of paint in the mean time. I have been trying to give this dirty, sloppy look that seems to be popular and looks really good - I think that will take a few tries though.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Good news for my models

Couple of interesting days on the rumour front again, news and possible detail of elektro priests hitting the open yesterday, and today BoLS have these rumours to add.

“The Second combo kit for the new Mechanicus will feature tracked conveyor infantry models who resemble cybernetic terminators cut at the waist and attached to set of small triangle treads.
One unit type will be heavily armored, and decked out for close quarters engagements.
The second is less armored, and features two types of cannon; a plasma cannon varainat, and a larger calibre weapon.

They are on 50mm bases.”

Though really cool with new models this also fills me with some kind of comfort, as this add to the pool of usable entries for my models. Honestly I think I'd use them anyway, but it's just better to have similar units in the codex I think.
So I might still be able to use these for game play.


Friday, April 17, 2015

I don't care it's not AdMech

Thought not AdMech this image has been found cool and cleared for publishing in this blog.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

How to make skitarii the alternative way

Sometimes miniatures comes to you in the strangest way, like yesterday. Anyone know what the thing on the pic it? Right - it's a katousche, the bit inside your taps, that controls flow and mix of hot/cold water. Also the part that's worn out when it start dripping. But what do all this have to do with AdMech you might ask! Well we had a few dripping tabs and it would take us 200 -300 £ to have them changed, I decided that was too much, and bought those spares instead. Even though I do not have much in the way of handyman skills, I managed to make the repairs without floddings or ruined sinks. Then came the magic point: the missus said "now you have some spare cash for little plastic men!" I was baffled, couldn't say a word - but I'm going to take her up on that!!!