Wednesday, March 26, 2014

DreamForge Games 15 mm Leviathan vs GW Imperial Knight

Honestly one of the major reasons the work on my 15 mm Leviathan grinded to a halt was the release of the Knight model from GW, awesome kit, that I of cause need to build at some point. However my major concern was the how would the two work together size wise? Until now I have only seen pictures of the Knight next to other GW models, but yesterday I came across this blog Brückenkopf which had a review of the Leviathan, which is a fine read by it self BTW, the review contained several scale pics I hadn't seen before as well as a link to video showing the Leviathan vs the Knight, I'm gonna show a couple here, and you can follow the link if you want to see a few more.
Though the size difference is way larger than I had feared, I'm still convinced I'll find a way to convert the Leviathan in a way it will fit in next to the Knight. I'm still gonna give it a go - and I'm sure it will be a fitting challenge.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A new option for hypaspists?

With the web flooded with new leaked pics of the soon to come scions for IG, I couldn't really hold back a wow. I really liked the look we saw on the first pics which surfaced a few weeks back, and the new ones here certainly doesn't take anything away from that first impression. Since I have still not decided on which minis to use as hypaspists I just couldn't help feeling that these might be just right. Perhaps not the entire mini, but at least the top part, combined with a greatcoat-like lower body. The guns look great, but what's really the best and pretty amazing are the helmeted heads. Wow, just brilliant, loads of optics and almost fully encased - perfect. hey will most certainly be used. Can't wait to see these in the flesh.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Sagittarii scale and components breakdown.

As per request, a scale shot and a list of the components used for this unit - thanks for the interest guys.

Tracks: Guntractor from Anvil Industry's Afterlife range.
Torsos, small backpacks, arm with drill: Anvil Industry
Large backpack: Maxmini
"Servoarm" on Optio: Microart
Heads, arms, tools on arms: Blightwheel miniatures
Cannon: GW Grey Knight Psilencer
Targeting device: necron arm and optics from a terminater torso

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sagittarii done

Got the Optio finished today, gave him a few bits extra to make him stand out - without loosing sight of the fact that the sagittarii are rank and file troops. Glad about the way they turned out, have had the idea for these for some time.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Two more Sagittarii

The next two heavy weapon platforms are ready to roll onto the battlefield. These two have been magnetized so I may be able to swap weapons once I find some suitable pieces - for now they will all be equipped with the all round Thunder Mortar. Last one to go is the leader, he will have the same weapon, but I think he'll get a few extras as well.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

First two up

Mechanicus heavy infantry rolling in. Just love tracked units, and these new ones from Anvil Industry are just great - some of the best. I think it works really well with those big guns and the smaller backpack. I also changed the heads, using the Blightwheel ones instead, more characterful I think.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Sagittarii mock-up

First mock-up of my planned Sagittarii, and actually first post with some real work this year, not impressed by that - feeling the mojo returning though.
As soon as I saw these new tracked units, by Anvil Industry, I knew they were just right for this unit. The plan is that this is the general look, different arms, or perhaps appendages is a more correct term, will be added for variety. The torso and powerplant are also AI, the gun is GW grey knight something, and the head is from Steam and Aether.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

......the artist formerly known as The Forge

Quite a few changes here today. As well as a good overhaul I decided to give the blog a new name - same as the URL, makes everything more easy I think, as well as getting the name more into line with what I actually do here. I was kind of getting a little tired of the old look - thought I could somehow do better. So expect a few changes over the next couple of days, as I play around. Please let me hear your thoughts, likes, dislikes and ideas.