Monday, August 10, 2015

First codex draft

Was working a bit on the updated codex last week, and I kind of like the way it looks. I have decided to cut out all the long descriptions of units and instead just leave a few lines to describe the more unknown troop choices. This will cut down size considerably which should make it more reader friendly when you need to find a specific unit or rule.
Biggest problem is to find out which weapons should be swapped for which of the new ones, as they are of cause not completely comparable. Most of the time something similar can be found though, sometimes the most similar is a little better, and sometimes a little worse - so I figure it all adds up in the end. And again this is just meant for my own friendly games. I also might in some cases have oversimplified things, but the amount of rules was just so big, that I couldn't keep track of it all, so I figured better to lose an ability or two than forgetting five in the heat of a battle.

You can download it all here if interested: Codex:Adeptus Mechanicus v 1.01