Monday, September 9, 2013

The tiniest of distractions........

The progress of the Herakli has been rather slow - that would be me kind of lacking the excitement to paint atm. I therefore decided I needed something new to work on, something new to play in fact. I always wanted to try playing something 6 or 15mm, always wanted to field hordes of models, full armies with loads of tanks, walkers and infantry to spend like rubble and planes zooming over the battlefield to cause havoc in the ranks of the enemy. Hence I spend some time searching the web, reading through several interesting set of rules and looking at miniatures from a wealth of manufactures. And now hopefully a couple of guys from work and myself will be starting some Epic Armageddon soon. Seems those are pretty popular rules, we have a well known universe, and 6 mm minis are just that cheaper than 15 mm ones.
Then what army to choose - well AdMech obviously! But also nids and necrons would be really cool - oh and IG.........damn, same as always. I think I've settled for nids for a starter, at least I ordered a few of them just to try to paint them up, see if it works. But I also happened to have some old SM laying around, quite a few actually, so what else to do - gotta paint them up should be rather fast and give a good starting point, so one can get a few games under the belt. They will of cause, be painted up in my Iron Ghosts colors. Tried out some weathering on the rhino - not sure it's worth it though.

But first of all the progress on the herakli, not to much left to do actually.

And my few Epic models.


  1. Nice! The Herakli looks fantastic, and I always love seeing people do Epic 40k - definitely looking forward to seeing more of them!

  2. Cheers - the more I look at the herakli I think it needs to be dulled down some. Perhaps not so much red on the saw.