Monday, September 16, 2013

Heavy Droppings

As promised I've been trying out different ways to finish the droppod - wood, miliput in different shapes and last but not least plasticcard. Couldn't really get it right for some time, and I guess I should have stayed with the stuff I know best. IMO the plastic card one is by far the best, and honestly also the easiest and fastest to do. So I guess I have the basics now - well time for refinement, detail work will be following shortly.


  1. The plasticard one is definitely the neatest one of the lot, though the others don't look too bad either given the size of them.

    Do you have plans to cast them, or just churn out a load of plasticard versions?

  2. Cheers.
    The plan was just to cut them out one by one - not really a daunting task, considering they will consist of less than 10 parts I think. I'd also have no clue on how to cast them :D