Tuesday, September 10, 2013

But of cause

Yes, of cause - couldn't help my self, no need for just painting up stuff, gotta build some as well. As drop pods seem to be hard to find a good proxy for - and the ones being left on GW is fairly expensive, I decided to try make some.

Cutting out a couple of shapes in 1 mm plastic card, and using the old kindergarten x-mas tree sliding trick, the basic shape was pretty easy to come by. Works rather well I think. The dimensions are 18 mm across in the bottom, and 30 mm high. For the body/doors mi compadre, just suggested parting a rod in four, which would give me four 90 degree angles to work with. So hopefully I can get past the hobby shop today.


  1. Great work on this drop pod! You might be able to find some quarter circle plastic rod at your local model shop which may help :)

  2. Thanks a lot. I have been thinking about the quarter rod, but I really wanted to try out a squared style before resolving to the round one, but it will be a good plan B.