Thursday, September 19, 2013


Look -  new rumours regarding Epic, interesting.

Via Feit 212: LINK

GW will bring back Specialist Games gradually with beginning in the 3th Quarter 2014.

-First Game will be Epic in July or August 2014
-There will be no individual model Boxes or Blister, only Game Sets and possibly "Expansions"
-Sets remain permanent in assortment
-Epic Game Set might feature Space Marines vs. Orks, there will be Sets for Imperial Guard, Eldar and Chaos


  1. Sounds like an interesting move to do the armies as full expansion boxes like that. With today's plastic technology they should be really nice

  2. Hmm, I would take this with a vast amount of salt. GW never really paid attention to their Specialist Games, mainly being focussed on big WFB and 40k kits for their main demographic. Why spend all these resources on such a niche, it's just not their M.O. anymore. :(

    Even though, I do hope BFG will one day come back!