Wednesday, July 3, 2013

More headache

Made a bit of progress on the head, got the DA details off and added a few bits. I also think I found the right position for a good menacing look. I even started sculpting the head - honestly my sculpting has never been advanced so it will be interesting to see what it will end up looking like. The hose is not positioned as it will be in the end, just wanted to give an idea of what it will look like, with hoses and cables attached in various places.
I was not planning on adding a hood, but it seems to be a popular idea, so perhaps I'll give it a go after all. I've have also warmed up to Dave's suggestion of a cowled lot of lenses, so perhaps the Herakli will not have the same type of heads after all.


  1. I was talking about this apothecary head earlier:

    I'd strongly suggest not going with the talos head - it's made to fit a model more than twice the size of this one. If you want the dark eldar look the helmeted reaver jetbike heads would work perfectly:
    Remeber: Small head - big body - cool. Big head - small body - smurf.

  2. Cheers - correction: AdSmurf :D

    I see your point and honestly I'm not quite convinced about this head either. I do suspect it might look slightly better once it's obvious that we are looking at some helmeted head and not the head it self.
    Perhaps this head is too big, on the other hand I think that a small head easily looks to comical. And the heads made for these ork-nobz? are quite large themselves. I do consider your advise as a heavy argument though, as I know you skills and we usually have the same "taste" miniaturewise. I have not yet glued this head into place, and on purpose left it so that I would be able to remove it after sculpting. I'm going to work a bit more on it before it's ditched completely, just to see how it turns out. If not, I might go down the lenses and hood road.

    1. Yeah well, orks ARE cartoony. They don´t have human proportions so the size of the original head isn´t really anything to go on...

      I´d go with the lens cluster and hood any day of the week, but it´s your model - looking forward to see the result whatever you choose!

    2. You are ofcause right about the cartoonishim of orks, I'm also kind excited of what it will end up with :D