Saturday, July 6, 2013


Well, to be completely honest, I don't know what to think about this hood. Not really happy, certainly it does not look like any other hoods out there. Not really sure why though - perhaps the "sides" needed to be more straight? Or it should have been placed more forward - "hanging" more in front of the eyes? Also not completely unhappy - does look like a hood - a bit. And once I add a few folds and the planned cables it might once again change look completely - meaning I might get lucky.....



  1. Hi Manus, Its a really nice model but I agree, the hood is not really working well. I think it makes the model look very squat, as it extends the already wide head.
    It may work with more gubbinz, or maybe make a psuedo-hood from gubbinz and wire instead?
    All the best with it

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  3. I like it, it does make the head a bit of a misshapen and inhuman look which works for me. Definitely menacing!

  4. Thanks CC the guys, much appreciated. Trying to get my mind around all the suggestions and comments I've gotten so far. I'm sure it will be improved over the next couple of days.