Thursday, July 4, 2013


A couple of shots showing the head on the body, the size appears to be really good I think. Not completely happy with the gills, but I guess I'll learn along the way if I sculpt more. Must say I have no idea how people are able to sculpt all those small details we see on minis - so impressive. So now I just hope I can do a good looking hood, my previous attempts on hypaspist were at best decent. The plan was to cut down the spiky bits and make the hood roughly the same size as the head is now. Cables also to be added both under the head and coming out of the hood.


  1. Nice. That's a mech head alright!

    Still a bit big headed for my taste but I guess we just have different preferences... ;-)

    The grill looks okay but if you're not completely happy one of my favourite tricks is to cut off one of the "ventballs" from a marine backpack, and then cut off the actual grill. You'll get a nice round grill that way that could work on this.

  2. I think you're getting closer. I agree with Jeff that it's a little big, so I'd recommend leaving it as is (ie. don't add the hood which would make it appear even bigger).

    Then you can put it aside and move on to the next one, coming at it with a fresh perspective.


  3. Thans guys, glad you like this better. I think it looks so big, because I have been a bit large on the greystuff on the gills. I think I'll try shortening that a bit. The plan was to shave some off the basic shape before adding the hood, so it wouldn't really add to the size.