Monday, July 1, 2013

Anything in that big head of yours?

I got the Jotun heads from Hasslefree today. Very well cast and good/evil looking - brilliant. Unfortunately they completely off size from what I had imagined, roughly the size of a spacemarine head. And though cool I wasn't looking for the comical relief for the army.....


  1. Agreed, they'd be a little too comical.

    I'd suggest putting a cluster of lenses on the front of the body (just above round thingy) and sculpt some hoods over them.


  2. Cheers Dave
    That's quite a good idea. I am at the moment working on some helmets similar to the ones you made for the biomonstrosities you presented a while back.

  3. I hope so they certainly looked the part on you model, hope you don't mind the copy. I was hoping to do the same sort or all of them, but perhaps different types of heads would work too..