Friday, April 12, 2013

Sarissa Precision

Some time ago I discovered, to me at least, a new company making the new black - I mean laser-cut MDF terrain. I instantly fell in love with the design of their different terrain pieces, and since I all ready were in terrain mode, I decided I needed to see the stuff live. Luckily, they have in their range some cool looking sky walkway - just what I needed to get even more 3D on the battlefield. So I ordered a few of those plus a landingpad - a friend ordered a few other items so those can soon be seen as well. Haven't gotten around to build any of them yet, though I did unpack a couple, and I've not been disappointed so far. Very easy to push out the not wanted/cut out parts, slim but stable and easy to figure out how to stick together. They also come with a base for stability, and they were much larger than I anticipated. So all in all - score! Really looking forward to getting the time to try and assemble a few.
In the mean time go have a look at their site: CLICK!
I should perhaps also add, that they have several different lines, from the Dark Ages through The Wild West, WWII all the way to Sci-Fi. The Sci-Fi line is called System ∞ 28mm. They have free shipping for orders over 50£ and they shipped my stuff within two days - had it in Denmark in four days, excellent.
The below picture is not my terrain, but nicked from web, just to give you guys a teaser.

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