Thursday, April 18, 2013

Painting Progress

Actually followed through with my intent to do some more painting. And hence my two defender robots are all but done. I still need to work in some OSL on the conversion beamer and add some décor to the bodies or leg guards and some battledamage, to make them fit in with the rest of the army, and finish off the bases of cause. Actually I'm not really jumping with joy, on how they are turning out - but I hope that will  change once they get the last detailwork.


  1. Really cool - excellent conversions and a very nice paintjob.

    I´m a bit divided when it comes to the heads however. They are a bit big for my taste - makes them look a little cartoony. On the other hand it gives them sort of a old-school vibe...
    Which is nice.


    1. Hi ya, and thanks.
      I see what you mean with the head size, they are a bit big. I chose those heads for several reasons; they were simply too cool not to use, and I couldn't see what other unit than my robots would fit them. Second as I have several different "bodies" I'm planning on using for Defenders I needed a good supply of similar heads - and the Cronos sprue, is just packed with these heads.

      More to come!