Tuesday, April 30, 2013


R3-DRUM Mk4 class ready for service


  1. I am absolutely LOVING these, man - exemplary work! How many are you planning on doing for the unit?

  2. Great work mate!

    How much for a set of these to find their way to my mail box? Hehe.

    Keep up the amazing conversions.

  3. Thanks a bunch guys. Hopefully I'll get the unit done tonight, so I can start painting them.

    @mordian: The minimum unit size in the TF codex are 5, so that will be my initial goal. I really want more, thinking 10 of these running towards the enemy would be rather helpful, but there is so many other units/models I want to have a go at.

    @jake: You couldn't afford it mate ;) Sorry, but I hardly have the time to make all the stuff I want my self - really glad you like them though.