Friday, April 26, 2013


First Murder servitor came out this way. I think it has got a lovingly twisted look to it. I see these as the leftovers from failed experiments in Departemento Biologis, which are as a last service turned into something nasty to release on the enemy.

Servitorclass R3-DRUM Mk 1:


  1. Groovy! Where´s that head from?

  2. Nice! I really dig how that turned out!

  3. very good, although I also want to know where the head is from! Looks resin?

  4. Nice work. Looks pretty awesome so far.
    Love the camera (or whatever it is) on the shoulder. Where's that piece from?

  5. Are you using guitar strings as the wires?
    If you haven't, check out the wire-wrapped cable at Zinge, it looks better than guitar strings and it's really a lot easier to work with, recommend it highly

  6. Thanks a lot guys.

    The head is from puppetwars, cannot recall the name right now, but should be in their "head section".
    I'm not really sure where the camera is from since it was in my bitsbox, I think it might be from IG cadian heavy weapons team though.

    @Phil, I have been looking at those cables from Zinge, and I might pick some up soon to try out. I used to use almost only guitar wire, but recently I have been making quite a few of the cables my self with a tube tool.


    1. The zinge stuff is so nice to work with, it bends perfectly to any shape, even at the ends, unlike guitar wire, and it holds the shape too!

      Keep up the great work mate, also, if you fancy a chance of winning some prizes just for doing what you're already doing, please consider joining us here ;,

  7. Cheers. I was planning on picking up a few of their new servoarms soon, so I'll give it a go.

    Sorry but I don't do facebook, but I'll assume the identity of the kid and have a look.

  8. Hard to find something that everyone is a part of for this! Thought Facebook would be the most common sorry! Love your work though man, inspiring stuff