Monday, April 22, 2013

A trip to the paintshop

Almost done now, actually just need the few last touches on the bases, and finishing off the extra weapons. Much as I had hoped the added detail work, battledamage and color on the bases, really helped these minis a lot. Now I think the problem was the really large red flat surfaces the minis had from shoulder to shoulder, and breaking these areas up did the trick.
I also moderated the dangerous end of the asssaultcannon slightly, since the premade barrels simply were so thin, that they were impossible to drill out.


  1. Hot diggedi-damn that is good!

    Love the checkers - you have a steady hand my friend...

  2. Those really are fantastic. I definitely need to pick up some of the robot base model you used - keep up the great work, man!

  3. Thank you guys, much appreciated.

    Actually the checkers isn't that hard to do, just takes a little practice. The really hard part is working up the courage to paint over something you are already happy with :)

    I think pitspudlo have more than enough Mordian,they even sell them ;) so just go for it