Thursday, March 26, 2015

Skitarii model details and minecraft-mechanicus

Once again pics of the new mechanicus has hit the web - once again I'm awed by the detail in these minis. But why people getting their hands on WD early cannot stop shaking or set their camera at a higher resolution is beyond me - hey I have an idea; send me the very first copy of the next WD with mechanicus in it, and I promise you'll get pics without blur and where you can actually zoom in with out seeing minecraft-mechanicus - deal?

First off is a couple of detail shots of the new models - honestly I cant find a thing I do not like (I'm not a huge fan of the way the servitor is hooked up to the dragoon though - that will be worked over). But look at all those tiny detail work on the guns in general - and the jezzail in particular - now I like it (muzzle will get the knife though). Get wait to get converting these.
What gets me equally exited is the decal sheet - just amazing, been wanting something like that for years.
At the bottom is a couple of fine on the battle field pics - funny how they just blend right in with that Knight isn't it - now I have to get one anyway!


  1. They are a long way from the barbarous Skitarii of 30k :-(

    1. Well, in my view these models cover the hypaspists, and do it fine, the more crazy flesh and metal will be found in other types of skitarii, servitors, praetorians and secutors. Further more different forges have different skitarii, some clean rank and file, some crude and beast like. These fit my vision fine, but I know you are not the only one out there who would like the more barbarous.