Wednesday, April 29, 2015

While waiting for paint to dry......

Inspired by the overload of AdMech minis hitting us at the moment I figured it was time to start painting some of the models I have before I feel the urge to buy even more - you know I don't have I Knight yet, completely insane. But also rumours of robots and tracked models (praetorians?) two of my favourites have emerged, so best get some of the old stuff out of the way. I really wanted to finish my hunter robots, but if we are getting new models soon, I figured it would be wise to wait and see which weapons they'll be able to field, so I can make some last minute adjustments to the models them selves. Instead I have picked up the Neutrino Irradiator I have had for a very long time. A cool product from PlastikKrak - who BTW will have a new website up and running soon.
Progress isn't massive yet, but at least I got started. When I paint metal I go for the several washes method, so while waiting for the washes to dry I needed something else to do, and beside the paint-rack was and old inquisimunda mini, so I decided to give it a lick of paint in the mean time. I have been trying to give this dirty, sloppy look that seems to be popular and looks really good - I think that will take a few tries though.


  1. Awesome! Really looking forward to seeing the Irradiator painted up!