Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The new Mechanicus minis

Pics are all over web of the new minis for the AdMech - and what do I think, hmm let's see (if you don't care what I think just look at the pretty pictures!).

Haven't really bought any codex for years, this has gotten me really exiting and I cannot wait to get in line for the advance order. Still I'm hoping for so much more than what we have seen so far - I want robots and huge gunservitors - fused flesh and metal and crude implants. Also hoping to get to use all those mins I have made for years, with an official codex - might actually get to play a game or two!!!
It will also be interesting to see how many out there will jump on the bandwagon - I have a feeling it will be a lot, do the mechanicus justice guys! Regarding bandwagon - I think mr. Dave Taylor should be driving, I call shotgun!!!!
Anyways let's have a look at all the cool minis.
First off are all the cool infantry. If you have followed my blog, you'll know I've had more than one go at coming up with a good hypaspist model, finally something has arrived that I can say I'd use for sure. I'm not sure I'd have opted for a robed minis actually, for my next try. I was planning something more tech and armoured. But since these are here looking so pretty they'll get my vote - for now.

I think the Vanguard are my favourite, Loads of cool bits on these guys, giving them an outerworldish almost evil look, fitting the grimdark vision I feel is right for the AdMech. I even for once like the paintjob on these - only problem on that part is, it's so close to what I'd do, I'll hate if mine will end up looking like a copyjob of a GW scheeme. Well we'll just have to see about that once they turn up. I have a sneaky feeling I'll combine the two unit types' models.

The Rangers look awesome too - I'm not quite sure I'm sold on the guns, but even as we speak I'm warming up to them. Not a fan of the long one on the pike though - not yet at least. The heads look absolutely amazing, sh*t cannot wait to get a box of these! I'm not really sure about the scout/stalking thing though - I kind of see AdMech as a full frontal army, brute force, advancing and sacrificing thousands of footsluggers in the process.

Yawser - is this a twisted model or what? It's completely NOT what I have been expecting from the AdMech, At first I thought what the h**l, but...but....but it's just so cool, and having a thing for walkers, I can only say I'm doomed - just look at all those detail, it even has claws looking like the bits I loved pillaging from DE kits. I'll be loving to add bits to this and paint it up with some metals, dirty reds and loads of battle damage.

The CC version is almost even more twisted = good. I'm sure that supersized cattleprod will hurt like ....... Add a couple of servoarms and mecadendrites to this and you'll have an even more perfect model. 
I can almost see all these minis on the table next to the rest of my minis - this is gonna be good. Good work GW, now let's see the other walker we had peeks of yesterday - and get on leaking rules for my gunservitors and praetorians!!!!! 

Together with the pics you are even able to find rules leaks out there now.


  1. It's no real surprise that I LOVE them all and look forward to converting the sh*t out of them!

    1. :D correct, these will be the base for hours of converting. Looking forward to see what you come up with! I take it your first try will be ready next Monday :P

  2. The Skitarii are obviously love on first sight, such bloody cool models. :)
    But I'm not sold on the flea-riders. I have the same thing for walkers, but probably going to "fix" the models by dismissing the rider and adding some arms for the walker itself.
    At last I am really keen on the rumoured clam-packs and the teasered sentinel-defiler-offspring.^^

    1. Kind of like the rider myself, but of cause it would be a bad day if no cenversion work was done ;)