Wednesday, June 26, 2013

It's alive.....

Started the teching up of the body - which is from the Ork Nobz box. I think these have a good size for a praetorian servitor, and it leaves me the even bigger ogre models for a later project, where I need ...well an even bigger model, the COG. Lots of icons, spikes and other bits to file down, cut off and what not. Pretty sure the end result will all right. Not so sure about the head any longer though, as I came across the Jotun model from Hasslefree the other day. All ready ordered some of those heads to try out, they look about the right size - and humanoid heads in that size are not easy to find I'll tell you - and using that head on all the praetorians, with some minor modifications of cause, would give a good unit coherency as well as indicate the only theoretical human origin of the servitor, taking away the individual so to speak.


  1. Nice! The ork nob is a great base for the Herakli - looking awesome already, can't wait to see more of these guys!

  2. Cheers - really hope I can make it look mean and dangerous.