Friday, June 21, 2013

Battlescribefile 2.0 online and other goodies

Major update in the CultM battlescribe file. All general modifiers have been added, so you wont miss any benefits from enhancements or wargear. Still learning new trick in the system, so new stuff might be added later, at least when the finished version of the codex is uploaded.
Download the file here: CultM v 2.0

With regards to the above I also think it would be appropriate to link to codex from Tempus Fugitives that I'm using. Lots of work had gone into this and it's a beauty. So go download it and let's see if you can use the Battlescribefile. Download the codex here: Codex Cult Mechanicus

For those of you that do not know WAMP it's a
great place for miniature painters, lots of friendly people, advise, tutorials and generally anything that have any relations to painting. They are also behind the online publication Portal - a great read for most of us miniature interested. Download it here: PORTAL 

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