Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Engine block

Desided that the previous shown weapondesign will instead be a Graviton cannon, as I got a new idea that kind of fits better with a Shockwave cannon. That means the first Myrmidon will be armed with a different HtH  weapon, one I've been wanting to use ever since I opened the Killercans box - the piston driven powerdrill, such a cool piece. The Glaive will be saved for the next Assault Engine instead.

Also got the engine finished. I had ordered some really cool engines from Blood and Skulls Industry, they are awesome looking, but way bigger than I thought. They will be saved for a future project, and I ended up customising an engine from a sentinel. 


  1. That is really coming together nicely - great work, mate!

  2. Thanks a lot - really looking forward to seeing it finished my self.......

  3. Oh, I totally know the feeling when you get some parts or minis you ordered and you realize... right, that is more like double (or half) the size I thought it'd be.

    Anyway, nothing like improvising and you found a good solution. So keep it up.

    1. Oh, and nice power drill! I also used this bit recently... on a Centaur 8]