Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Full frontal

Finally a chance to show what it will look like once finished - the upper body at least. Only minor work, like adding a bit of weaponry and mechanicus symbols. I think it's going to look mean when it's done - yay.


  1. That thing is incredible. The "face" is very enigmatic. Lovely.

    Not completely sold on the gun though - that street lamp part is a bit obvious and overused. I'd go for something a bit more intricate and unexpected as "business end" - perhaps an exhaust from a eldar or imperial flyer/skimmer?

  2. Thanks a lot Jeff. Though I have to say I haven't seen it[street lamp]used much like this before I must also say I cannot credit the idea as my own. Anyway it has got me thinking and perhaps something "more" should be added.