Thursday, March 14, 2013

Lured into the Abyss

Ohh - the perils of the plastic abyss have once again lured a gamer into a new project. I have recently discovered the game of IquisiMunda and though I might never play it, the conversion possibilities are just to good to pass on. A gothic John Blanche world with religious nutters - I'll take two please.
Hence I have decided to expand my blog with a couple of pages. I have, of cause, dedicated one to Inquisimunda, but also one to nurgle as I've always wanted to paint up some of those minis, and with the fresh CSM and Deamons out, it would be a shame not to - at least at some point. The last page added is a Gallery, where I'll post pictures of painted minis, old and new, not for any particular reason - just because.
I'll post a reference here on the Home page once in a while, when something interesting turns up, but mainly I'll try to keep it a Mechanicus zone.


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