Saturday, March 23, 2013

A Bridge too Far

Been working on a Tecnobridge from Pegasus Hobbies for the last couple of days. Really need to play more games, as it seem my productivity goes up several levels everytime a game night is approaching.
As the last couple of terrain pieces, I've been experimenting with different weathering techniques - rust in so many ways.......
Brilliant model by the way, easy to assemble and only a few mouldlines. When I bought it I also got a small Gothic building, looking forward to put that together too.


  1. Very nice! I use my technobridge in almost all of my home games. It's a great piece, and you've done an excellent job on it! Love the hazard striping, may have to nick that and update mine a bit... :)

  2. Great work mate - it has a lot of soul that bridge :)
    As Mordian7th points out - its perfect for alot of game situations.



  3. Cheers guys. Hopefully it will get set up with the rest of the stuff to night and my AdMech will rampage the battlefield.