Thursday, March 28, 2013

Game night

I had one of my rather rare games of 40K last night - actually my first game with the 6ed. rules. Also my first game with my AdMech force. Liked how the new rules worked, though there was a lot to keep track of with both a new rulebook and a new codex. The enemy was CSM. Also liked how the force performed in battle, lot more durable than I anticipated, and again some units fell much more easy than I expected. All in all it seemed pretty well balanced, so now it's just a question of getting some experience and figure out the best combo of troops. The game ended in draw btw.

Think the battlefield works pretty well too, need to finish the last couple of terrain pieces I've already bought, and then add a bit more 3D.


  1. Awesome! All the terrain you've done recently is put to wondrous use. Awesome stuff, mate!

  2. Wonderful mate :)

    Lovely terrain :)



  3. Being the CSM opponent in question I can attest to the "more durable" part! It was great fun to play a game against an army I knew next to nothing about, and the fact that the game ended in a draw was at least partly due to the fact that the game type was "The Emperors Will", and I held my objective.

    After having felt that I had the upper hand, verging om board control for the first 2-3 rounds, I got my behind handed to me on a mechanized platter, and it would have been (more of) a massacre had the game continued beyond turn 5.

    Still, my gut feeling is that it is a well-balanced army, and I look forward to meeting it again.

    Oh, yeah, the terrain was cool too! :-)

    Worm / CMDR L. Boltzman

  4. Cheers guys. And we shall meet again.

    Glad I got all the terrain done, adds almost as much to a game as playing with a nicely painted army.