Friday, November 11, 2016

Tribal Chief turned Executioner?

Got a lot more work done on Bael last night. Pretty happy with the way the skin turned out - might try to add a bit of orange wash too though, as suggested below. The only thing that naggers me is the shine - I recently poured together two half bottles of sepia wash, which might have been a mistake, as the shine showed up after  that was applied, so I think I need to get a new one of those.
From the start I wanted him to look like some sort of tribesman, and I really like when scifi minis wear some sort of animal hide - for status/showoff, and I think it sets him off from the other models in my collection pretty well.

The skin was painted using; a base of Scalecolor African Shade washed with Nuln Oil, it was then highlighted with VMA Burnt Umber and further with a mix of Burnt Umber and GW XV-88. A wash of Gryphonne Sepia wash added and it was finished of with a rehighlighted with the same mix as before the wash.

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