Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The Promethium Dealer

In the intricate courts of the AdMech the struggle for power never stops, and as history is written by the victors only their names are known outside the vast forgeworlds. But for every victor there are hundreds of adepts loosing the battle for power and only acts as stepping stones on other's  path to glory. The techpriests loosing out on glory and power end up as low level priests, assigned to distant locations or chose to leave the forgeworld altogether. After such a battle for power Ahrman Rhadi has been trying to hide his shame on borderline off world planets, where he has been scavenging the ruins of settlements and warzones, making a living finding leftover prometium and selling it to the needy inhabitants and warriors of local clans. Since his fall he has only been known as the Prometium Dealer.
He'll be leading Big Nasty, Half 'n' Half, Jäeger and The Mechanical Dog (and more dodgy characters to come) in the darkness of the future.
Had the idea for this guy some time back when I read a very inspiring thread on The Ammobunker, concerning a librarian searching warzones for any books which had not been destroyed. I really liked the idea of such a retinue - not really combat orientated, but fulfilling a niche task with intense determination. So I figured, what would the everyday people need - fuel. Fuel for vehicles, for cooking and for fighting - good money could be made if one knew how to retrieve, process and store such a product.