Monday, July 23, 2012

Top of the web

Time to show off the second one of the new Blight Wheel Magi. Looks like he can pull a few strings. The not too good camerapic does not do it justice, loads of detailing on the front and sides. Not sure these will be the arms he'll end up with, and I really wish they would sell those legs on their own, would be so usefull.
Clean crisp cast, good details and without bubbles.


  1. Spent some time over the weekend building this one. Great model, but very very fiddly - I pinned the heck out of it but I'm still worried that it's going to get maimed. I ended up altering it significantly - Looking forward to seeing how yours turns out!

    Really pleased with the models, though - did you get one of the stalk-tanks they do as well?

  2. That's probably the only issue with Blight Wheel miniatures - the resin is a bit crisp, though I don't have many broken pieces is always a concern.

    Haven't bought one of thier tanks - yet....I have decided, for once, to actually try and get some stuff done, before I buy even more. Now let's see how that goes...........