Sunday, July 22, 2012

Mean Magos

Wow, after a few words on Faeit212, thanks a lot, both visitors and members suddently went up, excellent. Well that's what this is all about right, sharing the hobby, your work and ideas. So I'd like to say welcome to Natfka, Dai Dead, Annatar14, Dezardfox, Karitas and Damn The Valley.

And now for something mini related. Got my Blight Wheel order the other day, just before we went on vacation, aargh I thought no time for playing with the new toys - I did remember to put the box in my bag though. The first one out is this guy - now that's one serious looking, mean magus in my book. How could he not be a part of my force! Guess we all can see the resemblance to the picture on the bottom of the blog, which happen to be one of my favourite mechanicus pictures, so I'm really looking forward to putting it together..........good thing I got two then.
The quality is the usual excellent one which we are used to from Blight Wheel.


  1. That's the first time I've seen one of there models unpainted. Looks to be a relatively good cast. I might need to start a Mech army now, haha

  2. I definetly like the model. I just wish GW or Forgeworld would start to make some.

  3. Nice! My Blight Wheel order showed up recently as well - Started with the arachno-magos first, but I do have that one as well. Looking forward to seeing how yours comes together!

  4. Cheers guys. Blight Wheel minis are usually really well done, clean, good details and without holes and bubbles. Better than the stuff I've bought from FW, and I haven't had the pleasure of finecast yet........
    Perhaps Fw will make AdMech at some point - if the rumours are true. I think I might try instant mould on the torso here as I would really like to see it kittet out in somy ways.
    I got the arachno magus as well awsome piece too, think I'll post a pic of him as well.