Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Finished my Praetorian unit - rather pleased with the way they turned out in the end. The look tough, durable and like they are able to deal out some damage. The newest two carrying an arc rifle and a Neutrino Streamer.

Perhaps I should paint something now, but I'm really enjoying the converting - so what to do now.......paint, make up some praetorian herakli, murder servitors, COGs...so many options.

Oh, and welcome to Sei.


  1. I really dig how these are turning out! Are you planning on basing them, or will they stay as is?

    Looking forward to seeing some paint on 'em!

  2. Basing is actually one of the things I've been thinking about. It was the plan at first, but I'm not really sure now - don't realy need a base I think.

  3. Really think these are looking great. Can't wait to see them painted up. ;)