Friday, May 27, 2016

Jäger - The Debt Collector

After having a lot of fun cooking up The Imperial Bastard, I have had a lot of ideas for other minis and characters who would fit into the grim dark Inq28 setting. After seeing a fellow modeller build a retinue/collection of minis around a non-fighter - namely a Librarius searching for books in the wartorn rubble of the Imperial worlds, which was such a clever idea, I have decided to try out that approach. The theme for the retinue I will hold back just a bit yet, but I have started building the first model, which I thought I'd share - so here is the first few steps towards Jäger - the Debt Collector.
I have even tried sculpting some fur - while not a disaster it's not really great either, hope it will be better once it's painted.


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