Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Color experiments

Not really knowing exactly how I felt about the paintjob so far, I decided to do a bit of experimenting yesterday.
The bronze on the emblem was given a stippling of orange before the final wash was applied - though it washes out somewhat in these phone photos, the effect is quite radical and good. Really adding a second layer of depth - I believe that even in these photos  you can see the difference between the arm and emblem, which have otherwise been painted in the manner.
The other experiment took place on the red armour on the left arm. I was trying to use the bold-highlights-washed-down-method, it wasn't really working though as I kept getting either soft pinkish highlights or getting the highlight too red after washing. Then I decided to give the old complementary color a go and added some green wash, initially as shading, but soon I splashed it on the edges/highlights as well - worked a treat I think.

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