Friday, February 26, 2016

Taking up the red a notch

After I decided that the reds were a go I worked a bit more on it last night. I actually think it came out pretty good, I might add red to the sensor casing too - as I need a "bigger" surface to freehand - those shoulder pads are just too small!
Metals are done - like the result there too. The last big decision is the color on the boots - black or brown. Not sure yet - guess I might have to finish all the rest and see what will work best with the model over all.



  1. Looking great, man! I'd suggest brown boots, just so they stand out a bit from the black of the greatcoat...

  2. Thanks a lot. I'm inclined to try brown boots, I'm just a little in doubt that it will be another color to the mix, just clouding things up.

  3. I'm gonna agree with the rest, brown boots would prolly look the best. That Red came out looking really good though!

    1. Thanks. Did a test with the brown boots, not too bad actually - pics later.