Friday, June 1, 2012


City terrain

Got a good way on the road to finishing my modular city terrain, at least the main building blocks. I think it works really good, adding a good 3D sense to the gaming board - something I always enjoyed, blame it on my many years of playing Mordheim. The longest one has warped ever so slightly, but enough to be an annoyance, so I'll have to figure out what to do, perhaps I'll just cut it in two. I'm planning on adding little pieces of detail to make it more interesting looking. A couple of fans, metal edges, drains, tubes etc. The pieces was tried out for battle last night, and they worked fine there as well. We might set  up a little differently next time with a few more open spaces and the terrain in more levels, leaving a bit more open ground for vehicle movement.

The Rats! part

I got creamed - completely and utterly creamed; 38 to 13 victory points. 

Made a stupid mistake and kept some units in reserve I shouldn't have, which meant the two CSM landraiders and obliterators (those will forever be my most hated unit - EVER!!!)  had way too few targets to concentrate on and I had too little fire power to take them down. I think that kind of cost me the game right from the start.
Anyway - we tried out the "leaked test version" of the 6th. ed. And I must say I'm not disappointed, really made up for some gory fast paced action. Taking into account that we had to look up almost every thing and probably did forget a lot of little rules - 1500 a side took us about four hours.
If this is close to the 6th. ed. rules I think the game will be more personalized, kind of you can kit out you troops for certain battlefield roles better and personalize your army - it will more than just standard blocks of the same troops. To me it sounds like fun.

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  1. Very cool! I've kicked around the idea of doing some similar raised sections for my own tables, and seeing how yours turned out has definitely brought it to the forefront of my mind again. Looks like it was a fun game (loss notwithstanding)!