Monday, June 18, 2012

Killing Ground

One of my first real joys of table top gaming was the, for me ever fabled Mordheim. A game that held both table top, small amounts of miniatures and and almost RPG like advancement system. On top of that the rules were great - simple and containing almost anything you wanted to do. We got together five or six guys and played once a week for years - oh the days at university........
Anyway - having made the modular city terrain I kind of saw Mordheim all over the place, and I knew I needed to play something skirmishish (cool word eh?) in 40K. Looking through the Kill team rules, didn't really give me anything. Then I found Kill Zone - at the Those are cool rules but again not quite what I was looking for. So I decided to cook up my own rule set.
I've settled on the name Killing Ground - and work is still in progress for the rules them selves. Since the Mordheim rules appealed so much to me I decided they would be the foundation of the system. So much of it, is just that - tweaked to fit 40K. But I've also nicked a few bits from Necromunda and the above mentioned Kill Zone, and of cause a few bits of my own.

Right now I'm working on the team selection rules, trying to figure out which restrictions would give the best and most balanced games. The rules can be downloaded following the link and hopefully the next version is not to far of in the future.

Hopefully this should also give an opportunity to paint up a few more mechanicus models.

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