Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Void Pirate project

Though Crazy Ivan came relatively easy to me, I have had somewhat of a struggle actually picturing those void pirates - or perhaps not the picturing, but how to actually turn that into miniatures. Not that easy to make the minis flashy and flamboyant and at the same time time keep them gritty and darkcore - which is still the way I want to go. But having thought it over during the weekend, I have come to the conclusion that they don't all have to be flashy - captain will of cause, but for the rest I'll try to focus on that they are actually pirates. A ramshackle horde of misfits, hardcore (though extremely romanticised) criminals - feared for their ferocity and their failing respect for human/xenos life. Thus the minis will reflect this side of things, hopefully showing some badass characters you'd make sure to hide from and you shouldn't be in doubt why they ended up pirates. I focus less on making them look like Caribbean pirates but still try to incorporate little reference bits and pieces - and hopefully draw them all to gether with the paintjob.

Next up is this bloke - not named yet - I wanted something brutal with a big gun for my hullbreaching team.


  1. is that ork body/legs/upper arms? Mechaniccus back bits, dark eldar arm? marine gun, genestealer cult head? looks good :)

    1. Thanks, but I'll have to say no on almost all accounts ;)
      Ogre gun, body, arms, legs and head. Dark eldar and ork back bits (though there is a AdMech bit there, but not visible) and DE tentackle bit.

  2. I love how he is just wielding a giant gun as if it was a pistol :)