Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Big terrain project in the pipeline

Yesterday, while waiting for some paint to dry, I opened an old box - you know one of those project that somehow got sidetracked - to see what it would actually look like once put together. Well it's bloody huge isn't it? Honestly didn't see that one coming. Makes me happy though. Actually I think it's playable as it is, and I'm going to have a blast 40K-ing this up.


  1. Looking good! When I read the headline I was hoping for some sci-fi pipeline photos too ; )

    1. Cheers. Well I had planned a few pipes too here :) Would be awesome to build a pipeline though - always found that very characterful. Been thinking about it quite a bit the last few days, but it hard to come up with a convincing idea. Have been looking into the one from mechanical warhorse - looks good, but rather expensive.